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Public procurement is one of the main practice areas of our law firm.

We provide legal advice for both tenderers and awarding entities. Foreign legal entities can be tenderers.

We have experience in the public procurement practice with regard to the following business fields:

  • informatics,
  • construction,
  • hospitality,
  • mass events,
  • telecommunication,
  • motorization

Over the years we have represented our clients at every stage of the public procurement procedure.

We offer a complex support, starting with notifying about the calls for proposals and ending with the ongoing representation after submission of the proposal, including: preparing documents, drafting of the proposal, its submission, assisting in contacts between the tenderer an the awarding entity at the stage of evaluation of the proposal, challenging decisions of the awarding party and supporting the conclusion of the awarded contract.

For the tenderers:

  • support in drafting of the proposal, preparation of required documents, possible supplement of the resources needed in the public procurement procedure
  • verification of the ToR, call for the proposals and other documentation of the procedure with regard to its compliance with the act on public procurement
  • recommendation regarding the possibility of an appeal
  • representation before the National Appeal Chamber (KIO), courts and in possible dispute with the awarding entity.

Legal counsel responsible for the practice area: Justyna Witas-Chłopek, justyna.witas@jwrp.pl

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