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Personal rights protection

Our services include complex support with regard to the protection of personal rights in the Internet. We offer legal help in the event of unlawful violation of personal rights such as: use of image, copyrights violation, damage to reputation, violation of privacy.

Inheritance. Succesion. Testaments. Division of joint property.

  • Legal support with regard to drafting of testaments, legacy, disinheritance
  • Establishing heirs and beneficiaries of the will
  • Legal advice on donation agreement, annuity agreement
  • Representation in all kinds of inheritance and succesion proceedings
  • Legal advice with regard to the liabilities under the succession
  • Drafting of division of inheritance agreements
  • Legal help with regard to securing the inheritance claims

Insurance claims

We provide legal support of enforcement of the right to compensation and/or benefits related with all kinds of insurance and represent our Clients in dispute proceedings against insurers.

Transmission easement. Unlawful detainer.

Our services include complex legal advice on asserting claims against the business entities that are owners of the transmission facilities, such as:

  • electricity pylons and lines,
  • oil pipelines,
  • gas pipelines,
  • water pipelines,
  • telecommunications poles and lines,

We represent Clients in the process of the establishment of the transmission easement as well as in the compensation claims for the unlawful detainer by the transmission companies.

Consumer bankruptcy

We provide legal services for non-established taxable persons that face trouble to pay off their financial obligations with regard to the consumer bankruptcy. Our service also includes legal support for the private clients that used to be economically active and are currently interested to file for insolvency.

We represent clients in insolvency and bankruptcy cases.

Family law

We offer legal support in the following fields:

  • representing Clients in divorce and separation cases,
  • division of joint property of spouses
  • settlement of the parental authority and custody of children
  • determining/change to the amount of maintenance
  • drafting of marriage contracts

Labour law / Employment

We provide effective legal assistance in:

  • appealing against termination of the employment contract
  • determining the establishment of employment
  • claims for remuneration,
  • cases of harassment

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